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Las Vegas Tax Preparation

You can depend on SMG, Inc. for all your income tax preparation needs. Be it an individual income tax return or a sole proprietorship or an entity, SMG, Inc. will endeavor to use the IRS Income Tax Code to your benefit. The Code can be confusing when you don’t use a professional to make sure that the deductions and credit you deserve, you are getting. Everyone needs to have confidence in the professional they choose and that professional is Rhonda L. Scott at SMG, Inc.

Here’s what I give you

  • A tax return that has been prepared with a highly respected software program, but reviewed by Rhonda L. Scott personally to check for accuracy.
  • A tax return that is electronically filed for faster mailed paper check or direct deposit of refund.
  • Advice on potential deductions that can help you limit your tax liability in the future.
  • Work with you in your own unique tax situation to get more money in your pocket through adjustments in withholdings.
  • Adjusting to the new tax brackets in a world where you are paid as an individual but file taxes jointly with a spouse.


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