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Las Vegas Tax Preparation

You can depend on SMG, Inc. for all your income tax preparation needs. Be it an individual income tax return or a sole proprietorship or an entity, SMG, Inc. will endeavor to use the IRS Income Tax Code to your benefit. The Code can be confusing when you don’t use a professional to make sure that the deductions and credit you deserve, you are getting. Everyone needs to have confidence in the professional they choose and that professional is Rhonda L. Scott at SMG, Inc. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

Las Vegas BookKeeping

SMG, Inc. will properly and accurately record your transactions in a professional software package. Why use your time to do something that #1 you don’t like doing and #2 takes time away from your business and you making money in your chosen industry. It has always baffled me that someone who sells insurance would want to try to handle their own bookkeeping. I believe it was Howard Hughes that said, “If I don’t know how to do something, I hired the best I can to do it.” Not a direct quote but the meaning is clear. Do what you do best and support your family, let me do what I love which is numbers and bookkeeping. Remember I am always looking for ways to make your business more profitable. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

Las Vegas Incorporation Services

Should your business be an entity or not? How does one make the choice when there are so many different entities to choose from? SMG, Inc. can help you with choosing the right entity for your type of business and profit. Not all businesses need to incorporate, but if you do, you’ll need someone to help navigate the paperwork for the State of Nevada and the IRS. There is a right way to make everything meet the standards for the creation of an entity in Nevada. SMG, Inc. can prepare the paperwork for you and get you headed on the right path. If you already have an entity and don’t know how to take care of it or what is required to maintain its status, SMG, Inc. can help there too. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

IRS Audit Defense and Preparation


We all have seen the ostrich. We know about its habit of supposedly burying its head in the sand. The problem is it has a small head but a big body. Guess what’s above ground! If you should receive a letter from the IRS, first open it. It might surprise you to know that some people think if they ignore it, it will go away. Contrary to that myth, it will not. SMG, Inc. can represent you at the IRS and help with most issues, whether it is a letter audit or a full IRS office audit.

Most of the time, an IRS audit can be cleared up with a letter and a few pertinent documents. But if the situation warrants, Rhonda L. Scott can personally represent you and defend your position. Whether you be a current client or a person who finds they have been taken advantage of by an unscrupulous preparer, Seek out the person who will be methodical and determined to be successful in the face of one of the most stressful situations you can find yourself. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

Payroll Services

Payroll in any business can be more than you bargain for. With all the new tax brackets, new IRS regulations concerning high income taxpayers and the Affordable Care Act’s impact, you need someone who will prepare all the federal, state and local employment forms for you. You need to be kept abreast of any new payroll issues for your operation and how to implement them. I can provide payroll services for a business that has an annual salary all the way to hourly employees paid once a week. Whatever your payroll need, this is your one stop shop. [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

Las Vegas Tax Planning

Planning is a useful tool to help in the successful and legal limitation of tax liability no matter what your situation. Without planning, you have no direction and with no direction, you could end up nowhere. If you plan properly you can achieve a goal, the goal being lower tax bills and peace of mind knowing that you have complied with the Code. SMG, Inc. works for you not the IRS. My goal is to reduce your tax liability as well as your stress level. Remember-“You cannot do in January what you should have done in December” [CLICK HERE FOR MORE]

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